Senior Living Suites in Murfreesboro, TN | The Villages of Murfreesboro

Senior Living

A place for fun, food, and a life well-lived – that’s what senior living is about at The Villages of Murfreesboro. Just as each resident is unique, so is each senior living suite and the services needed by each resident.

One Bedroom A <span>584 SF.</span>

One Bedroom A

One Bedroom B <span>584 SF.</span>

One Bedroom B

One Bedroom C <span>715 SF.</span>

One Bedroom C

One Bedroom D <span>754 SF.</span>

One Bedroom D

Two Bedroom A <span>853 SF.</span>

Two Bedroom A

Two Bedroom B <span>1,090 SF.</span>

Two Bedroom B

Two Bedroom C<span>1,283 SF.</span>

Two Bedroom C

Two Bedroom D <span>1,283 SF.</span>

Two Bedroom D