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What Is Life Like at an Independent Living Community?

A senior couple sitting on a bench outside in their independent living community smiling at each other while having their morning coffee

Sometimes getting older means losing the community we grew up with. Neighbours move away, friends go in different directions, and retirement means leaving your work community. But getting older also offers an opportunity for new opportunities and a new community. Independent living communities are residential networks that allow residents complete freedoms to come and go […]

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What Is Safeguarding in Elderly Care?

A female caregiver with her arms held around the senior man she looks after, both are smiling

The Villages of Murfreesboro believes that our country’s seniors deserve to grow older with dignity, honor, and respect. Sadly, research shows that many of our nation’s elders are abused and neglected.  Safeguarding is a popular term in the United Kingdom that describes the necessary measures needed to protect an individuals’ health, well-being, and human rights, […]

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How Much Exercise Do Seniors Need?

Smiling senior lady exercising with dumbbells to live a healthy, active lifestyle

Physical exercise and wellness are important aspects of staying healthy for everyone – including seniors. If you are 65+, it’s essential to make exercise a part of your weekly routine. Ensuring you’re staying active can have a drastic effect on your mental health and psychological well-being, while helping to prevent future health problems.  But how […]

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